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Welcome to The Better Writer

There Are A Lot Of Writers Out There. What Makes You Unique?

Writing is my passion, plain and simple. 

Anyone can publish something online or throw together a piece of content. But, when you hire me, you aren't just hiring anyone. 

Why? Because I love the process of crafting the message. I choose words carefully to produce clear and engaging content, and then work tirelessly to refine them in order to achieve peak effectiveness. I'm also crazy about editing. No, that's not a typo (what kind of editor would I be if it was one). 

Writing goes beyond 140 characters, abbreviations, and emojis. Check out my blog HERE to learn more about how The Better Writer's expertise can help your company's marketing stand out in a competitive marketplace. 

We Have A Marketing Department. Why Should We Hire You?

I have worked in many marketing departments over the past 18 years, and two things are clear:​

1. Not every member of the marketing team is a writer. Marketing is made up of experts in a variety of areas. Do you have a strong writer on your team? If the answer is no, then it's time to look for outside help.

2. If you do have a strong writer on your team, chances are they are called upon to write a lot. Rather than giving them yet another item on their to-do list, hiring outside help will enable them to be more effective.

The Better Writer can help your company write better. 


What Else Should We Consider When Deciding To Hire You?

My past performance reviews have described me as a "total team player." Freelance writers can feel like outsiders who are just there to do a job. I feel the opposite.

If you have worked with freelancers before, then it's likely that you have been given the runaround. Calls and emails weren't returned, it took forever to get updates, and it always seemed like they had better things to do. Good thing that I'm not just another freelancer.

Whether we have worked together before or this is our first engagement, my objective is to help your company reach its goals. Call me old-fashioned, but I return calls and emails quickly, I am always ready to provide updates when you need them, and best of all, I listen. 

I also bring a great sense of humor and creativity. Oh, and I am a nice guy too.